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In 2020, the Slovenian company CREAplus invited us to participate in the creation of a unified user experience for all services offered by Utimaco, a leading German company in the field of hardware development for information security. The goal of the still ongoing project is to ensure easy and long-term use value of the user interfaces of the services they offer.

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Utimaco Services website

The design of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) website for Utimaco Services is also being prepared.

Utimaco u.trust 360

Utimaco u.trust 360 was the first service for the actor, we developed the user experience and user interface.
We started the development with the creation of a user-data model, which later dictated the design of the user interface.
After designing the user interface, we created a clickable prototype and performed programming of the front-end Vue.js template for placement in the final product.

Utimaco KeyBridge

Utimaco KeyBridge was another online security hardware management service.
This application is based on the design of the first u.trust.360 application and aligned with the overall image of the Utimaco brand.
The key difference in designing this service is that we had to envision the ability to embed an app within an app and incorporate that into the overall user experience and user interface.

Utimaco Services

The Utimaco Services project, which we started implementing in 2023, is an upgrade of the two previous projects.
Utimaco decided to unify the user interface of all their online services based on the design of the previous two services we designed. At the same time, they decided to create a single marketplace for all the services they offer.

We had to create a simple overall user interface that will contain all web applications for Utimaco services.
The roof interface is designed so that new functionality can be easily added.

Utimaco Services Design System

As part of the Utimaco Services project, we also created user and design instructions for all teams that make Utimaco applications all over the world - from the USA, Germany, Finland, India, Slovenia, ...
The goal of the Design System is clear instructions for unifying the appearance of all applications.

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