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Since 2012, Ekoflex has been bringing together a group of dedicated experts with many years of experience in the field of fluid engineering or hydraulics. After 12 years, it was necessary to refresh the brand and appearance, offer services in a clearer and more popular way, while maintaining business communication.

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For Ekofleks, we prepared a comprehensive renovation of visual and substantive communication. In 12 years, Ekoflex has grown from a small service and sales company into a company with its own recognition, values and position on the fluid technology market.


By renewing the brand, we wanted to set a milestone in the history of the company's development and to communicate even more clearly with the company what Ekoflex is. At the same time, we wanted to maintain the link with the history that the company already has.

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By renovating the website, we wanted to precisely direct the company's communication in the B2B environment, while at the same time offering clear and accessible information to the user. In terms of design, we wanted to complement the clarity of the brand with the cleanliness of the website, but we also added colors that subtly enhance the user's journey through the website.
In addition to the visual content, we have also taken care of the text, which presents the company's services and activities to the user in a clear and effective way. All the text is reinforced at the beginning of the preparation with an analysis of keywords, which we meaningfully included in the text and thereby improved the position in the Internet search engines already upon publication.

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