Create a brand that will set you high above your competition

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand values
  • Brand manual
  • Visual brand design

The perception of the brand increases the visibility of the product, which in turn generates more purchases, creates a business opportunity and increases the value of the company itself. A correctly designed strategy for the appearance of a brand on the market is an investment opportunity for a firmly established company’s place in the market.

  • + Increasing visibility
  • + Increasing customer loyalty
  • + Word of mouth referrals
  • + Increasing the effectiveness of advertising
  • + Increasing employee motivation
  • + Lower price sensitivity
  • + Greater value of the company


There is no successful project without strategic planning

  • Analysis of the existing environment
  • Design and implementation of digital marketing strategy
  • Transformation strategy
  • Consumer Experience Strategy
  • Content strategy

Strategic planning creates solutions that are adapted to specific business challenges. Designing a proper long-term strategy results in effective digital products and is the foundational pillar of most marketing decisions, creating a solid foundation for all marketing activities in your company, as understanding your market and your customers is critical to your success. Strategic planning is aimed at achieving better business results and position on the market.

  • + Cost effective
  • + Increasing the company's income
  • + Bringing together the management team
  • + Increase in positive results
  • + Clear goal and focus of the brand

User Experience

Impress your customer, user and outpace your competition

  • Optimizing the user journey
  • + UX audit
  • + UX research
  • + Information architecture
  • Optimizing the user experience
  • + Prototyping
  • + User interface design
  • Pixel-Perfect Code
  • User testing

Focusing on the user, thorough understanding of the consumer journey, testing predictions and products create an effective user experience, and satisfied users lead directly to successful sales results and long-term success of our clients.

  • + Optimization - better conversion rate
  • + Brand credibility
  • + Increasing customer loyalty
  • + Engaging the customer at every stage of the purchase
  • + Targeting the right audience
  • + Accurate measurement of all results
  • + Lower development costs

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

  • Content personalization
  • Chatbots
  • Advanced search
  • Data analytics
  • Customizing user interfaces
  • Pattern recognition and prediction
  • Recommendation system
  • Automatic content recognition and classification
  • Translating
  • Optimization of processes

The active integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the development of websites, applications and services brings many benefits that can improve the user experience, increase efficiency and bring innovation.

  • Work processes optimization
  • Data review optimization
  • Automatic translation and content creation
  • Increase conversion


Stand out in your niche with stunning online stores that drive sales

  • UX Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Wireframing
  • Development of an online store
  • Online store marketing

Online store markets are becoming increasingly competitive. By understanding the consumer journey, user experience and stunning design, we help our clients stand out in their niche with effective marketing strategies. In competitive digital landscapes, we put the online store in front of the right audience and convert them into loyal brand fans, which ultimately generate effective sales.

  • + Increasing brand recognition
  • + Marketing Funnel Filling and Efficiency
  • + Elevation of content
  • + Expand your remarketing audience
  • + Capturing niche products
  • + Improving user experience
  • + Reducing the cost of paid search
  • + Creating lasting value

Web Applications

An efficient service tool for your users

  • Providing access to information or content to a wide audience
  • Streamlining business processes and workflows
  • Automating repetitive tasks to improve efficiency
  • Providing personalized experiences and tailored content to users
  • Improving customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Analyzing user data to gain insights and inform decision-making
  • Enhancing brand awareness and reputation through a strong online presence

Web applications are effective tools that allow users to perform various services over the web.

  • + Improved performance
  • + Availability 24/7
  • + A higher level of security
  • + Easily customizable and expandable
  • + Easy installation and maintenance
  • + Integracija z drugimi sistemi
  • + Adaptable for different devices


A good online presentation is nowadays the key to firmly establishing your company's place in the market

  • Providing a positive user experience
  • Delivering valuable and relevant content to visitors
  • Establishing a strong brand identity
  • Building trust and credibility
  • Converting visitors into customers
  • Providing secure place for your visitors
  • Ensuring the website is accessible to people with disabilities

Customized designed websites, in connection with a superior user experience and optimal platform operation are key factors that make your online presentation competitive today.

  • + Online presence 24/7
  • + Exchange of information
  • + Credibility
  • + Cost reduction
  • + Market expansion
  • + Consumer Insights - Analytics
  • + Possibility of advertising
  • + Helping customers
  • + Increasing the value of the company

Online advertising, content marketing, SEO

Increase awareness of your product, service and increase sales volume and ROI

  • Online advertising
  • + Google search engine
  • + Google Display
  • + Facebook and Instagram
  • + Video advertising
  • + Linkedin
  • SEO advanced
  • Email marketing
  • Creative marketing campaigns

Right audience, with the right message at the right time!
The flawless execution of marketing strategies is just as important as the creation of the strategy itself. Creative, creative thinking needs to be backed up by logical, data-driven decision-making. Through over a decade of marketing experience, we have learned best practices in marketing execution that drive sustainable growth for our clients.

  • + Increasing brand recognition
  • + Attracting ideal customers
  • + Increase in sales volume and return (ROI)
  • + Supporting other business operations
  • + Standing out from the competition
  • + Educating your business customers
  • + Support at all stages of the purchase journey
  • + Building relationships with visitors/customers

Video and Animations

Invest in one of the most powerful marketing tools out there

  • Communicating a message or information in an engaging and memorable way
  • Demonstration of a product or service
  • Creating a strong brand identity and increasing brand awareness
  • Improving audience retention
  • Providing emotional connection to viewers
  • Increasing website traffic through
  • Enhancing the overall perception of the company or brand

Animation/video animation is one of the most effective marketing tools, therefore it is an essential part of marketing strategies; visual content evokes emotions in users, as visuals grab attention 60,000 times faster than text in less than 1/10 of a second. It’s one of the best ways to increase user engagement and brand recognition. In addition, they can be a very effective tool for encouraging users to engage on your site, which can in turn increase your conversion rate.

  • + Increasing brand recognition - a lasting and unforgettable impression
  • + Increasing understanding of a product or service
  • + Increase conversion rate
  • + It's fun and entertaining


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