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The digitization of the Nomago brand included the implementation of a comprehensive online strategy aimed at improving customer engagement and building brand awareness. This includes developing user-friendly websites, integrating digital marketing campaigns, and using social media to build and maintain a strong web presence. The result is a more streamlined and efficient approach to marketing and customer outreach, enabling Nomag to better connect with its target audience and drive brand growth.

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Nomago Intercity

During the development and design of the Nomago Intercity website, we focused on providing a friendly user experience for passengers. Special attention was paid to the layout and structure of the website, which provides easy access to important information and resources for visitors. The result is a website that offers a smooth and pleasant user interface that allows passengers to easily plan and book trips with Nomag's Intercity service.

Nomago Intercity mobile application for end users

The Nomago Intercity mobile app has been designed with an emphasis on providing a convenient and user-friendly experience for travelers on the go. The application provides easy navigation and access to important information such as timetables, purchasing tickets and route maps. The result is a highly functional application that offers a seamless and pleasant user experience, allowing travelers to easily plan and book their journeys with Nomag's Intercity services from their mobile devices.

Nomago Intercity mobile application for drivers

The Nomago Intercity mobile app for professional drivers has been designed with a focus on improving user experience and gamification. The layout and design of the app have been carefully designed to allow easy navigation and access to important information such as schedules, route maps and vehicle status updates. Gamification features such as driver leaderboards and achievements have also been incorporated into the app to encourage healthy competition and encourage safe driving. The result is a highly functional application that offers professional drivers using the Nomago Intercity service a seamless and pleasant user experience.

Overall digital image

Designing the basic digital look for Nomago involved creating a single visual identity across all digital platforms. This involved developing a consistent color scheme, typography and image that would reflect the brand values and appeal to the target audience. The result is a modern and professional look that reflects Nomago's commitment to quality and customer service, while differentiating itself from competitors in the travel industry.

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