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The content and visual carrier of the website is the famous name of the master of Slovenian cuisine - Bine Volčič.

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Analysis and strategy

Laying the basic foundations of the page is extremely important. At the very beginning of the website preparation, we started with an SEO strategy and guided it through the entire process of creating the website and preparing the content. We started the development with analyzes of keywords, positions in search engines, analysis of user experience, and at the end of the suitability of technical tools. All this preparation served us as a basis for further development and execution of digital advertising

Building a digital image

Together with Yin + Young, we outlined the digital image on the basis of modern approaches and preliminary analysis. The image of the online store is coordinated with the image of the brand, and together they are complementary in the digital story of the future.

The user experience is simplified and set up in such a way that the user browses the contents and chooses the desired product in a pleasant and intuitive way. The purchase process is also simplified and contains only 2 steps to the final purchase, which can be carried out in several ways. In addition to the actual purchase of products, we offer the user a whole range of additional information, which comes from the kitchen of Bine Volčič.

The online store is built on the Woocommerce platform with an editorial system. For the client, we prepared instructions for using the editorial system (CMS) and a one-time workshop for the handing over of instructions for use.

Digital advertising

We set a digital advertising strategy at various levels. First, we optimized the site for search engines, which helped to improve visibility and organic traffic. We achieved this through keyword analysis, website content optimization and building quality backlinks.
In the following, we carried out advertising on social media, including publications on these media.

Zagriz' TV

We also strategically included advertising on Google channels along with the promotion of Zagriz' videos on the YouTube channel.
The entire advertising was also supported on the website itself with the creation of a story, pop-up banners,...

In three months, we achieved a visit of more than 85,000 unique visitors and an 86% plus increase in sales through the online store.

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