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Gotoky, a company that was created as a spin-off of two Numa executives, has developed a technologically unique ad-hoc distribution, dynamic communication system, the only one in Europe capable of mesh technology. The brand had to be developed for a global exposure.

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Breakthrough innovation

A unique 100% dynamic network distribution protocol and corresponding human-to-human, machine-to-machine or human-to-machine communication hardware, which enables the construction of ad-hoc and ever-changing mesh network for long-distance communication of 100 km and more, with the revolutionary dynamic management of nodes.

Building a global brand and marketing strategy

A new global brand, Gotoky, was created for the company Gotoky, which embodied the character of off-grid communication. As it is a technology that is pioneering and a startup with limited financial resources, we worked with the awareness that an even more creative approach would be required.
Global marketing involved: market analysis of the needs for different markets, creation of social channels, website design and programming, validation of the needs of different markets, communication strategy for different markets, storytelling, recording, video production and animations, design of graphic materials and guerilla strategy within the campaign Adventure is calling.
The results of a carefully worked out marketing strategy were in the construction of a huge base of followers on the social channel Facebook, more than 53,500 followers, for a very small budget, demand for the product and recognition that this type of technology/innovation is on the market.

Mobile application development

On the basis of market validations and user needs, we designed the application architecture and visual image. Mobile application for Android and iOS, possible secure one-to-one or group voice and text communication, activation of emergency location signal that acts as a call for help, additional option for navigation and sharing GPS locations with other Gotoky users on detailed off line topographic maps, uses real-time tracking, saves the route, generates events and sends the location.


The website was designed to introduce Gotoky products to the global public. The page is supported by a lot of animated elements that allow an easier presentation of all the features that the Gotoky device provides.

Product design

The final product of the company Gotoky is the hardware for which we designed the product design.

The first Slovenian startup published on Futurism

Gotoky's global brand recognition has resulted in publications in over 150 global publications and an Editors' Choice editor's choice on US social media channel Futurism's 7.8M channel. We reached the community of 50,000 followers on Facebook.

Company and rewards

Gotoky is an excellent promoter for Slovenia with its extensive contacts in Europe with some key European and global players/companies, as it represents the technological and marketing know-how within the company as well as Slovenian partners such as Iskratel with its production capacities. The company is proud of domestic and international awards: - Finalist of the Slovenian Startup Award 2018 - Among the 100 most promising European startups in 2017 - Finalist of the Central European Startup Awards 2016 - Finalist of the Slovenian Startup Award 2016 - The most promising startup of its generation in the elite Hardware accelerator HighTechXL Eindhoven, Netherlands - 2015.

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