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Building, strategy and digital marketing of three new brands

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Creation of a new brand strategy, which can be implemented in design-wise clearly separated sub-brands, intended for different target groups, which will be constantly interconnected. During construction, it was necessary to take into account the implementation in all communication areas with a strong emphasis on UX design. In addition to building the brand, we also planned a strategy for digital presence by setting up two websites and an online store, as well as created a digital advertising strategy.

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Brand logo

The Lynx Pro logo for the brand and its sub-brands features a simple and modern design that illustrates the brand's commitment to outdoor exploration and adventure. The logo features a stylized image of the lynx, known for its agility, speed and keen senses, qualities that align with the brand's mission to provide superior gear for adventure enthusiasts. The use of minimalist design with bold typography gives the logo a modern and sophisticated look that appeals to the brand's target audience. In conclusion, the Lynx Pro logo is a strong and memorable representation of the brand's identity and values.


The Lynx Pro story is one of exploration, professional adventure and innovation. The brand was founded on the belief that everyone should be able to experience the ultimate experience of professional, almost military, outdoor adventure, under the most demanding conditions, led by the best Slovenian professionals. The company's history is marked by commitment to excellence and passion for nature. The story of the Lynx Pro highlights a commitment to quality and reliability, as well as an inspiration for great adventures in nature.

Digital image

We have built a strong digital presence that will connect the brand with its target audience and at the same time allow for excellent promotion of our own services and products. User-friendly and award-winning informative websites provide a seamless online shopping experience. The brand's digital presence underscores their commitment to quality and reliability, as well as their passion for nature.

With the help of digital channels, the Lynx Pro brand has been able to reach a wider target audience and has established itself as a trusted brand in the outdoor industry.

Digital advertising

Lynx Pro's digital marketing campaign has been designed to represent the brand's commitment to quality and reliability in the outdoor industry. The campaign incorporates various online channels including social media, email marketing and paid ads to reach the target audience and promote their products. The focus of the campaign is on the brand's unique value, which highlights the sustainability, functionality and innovation of their outdoor services. By using digital marketing, the Lynx Pro brand has been able to reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness and increase sales. An entire digital marketing campaign is a key component to brand success in the outdoor industry.


In the strategic brand development plan, we have also included the production of short films that present the client's offer in a very clear, vivid and attractive way.

We focused on the presentation of products or experiences, which achieve the greatest message through video. Videos were created for the Sniper, Scout, Seal and Counter Terror packs, and at the same time we made an overarching video that holistically presents the experiences you can have.

We prepared and planned the script and direction, carried out the filming and did a top-notch editing that includes elaborate 3D animations.

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