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The fashion industry has its own special precepts regarding aesthetics and the way of communication and even in the case of building an online store it is no different. For the client Dani we developed a fashionable online store.

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Laying the basic foundations of the site is extremely important. At the very beginning of the preparation of the website, we started with the SEO strategy and guided it through the entire process of creating the website and preparing the content: the keyword analysis, search engine positions, analysis of user experience at the end of the suitability of technical tools. This preparation served us as a basis for further development.

Brand Identity

We outlined the digital image on the basis of modern approaches and preliminary analysis. The image of the online store is aligned with the image of the brand and together they complement each other in the digital story of the future. The aesthetics of the website is in line with the orders of the fashion industry and in this way we have achieved a comprehensive and purposeful visual communication of the online store.

User Experience

The user experience is simplified and set up in such a way that the user browses the content in a pleasant and intuitive way within selected and desired products. Also, the purchase process is simplified and contains only 2 steps to finalize it.


The online store is set up on the Woocommerce platform with an editorial system. In addition to easy payments, the website also includes the option of paying with payment cards from all major providers. We have prepared instructions for the use of the editorial system (CMS) and a one-off workshop for the submission of instructions for use for the client. Turnkey service!

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